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About Us

Mission Statement
Promote the hobby of radio-controlled giant-scale warbird model aviation through researching aircraft history, construction and building of models, and participation in non-competitive fly-ins, while encouraging safety and fellowship. Also, inform the public about the history and heritage of military aircraft through giant scale model aviation.

Chris Joiner started this organization many years ago as the “Giant Scale Warbird Association” and had singularly maintained it through the years with little or no help. Chris did an amazing job with the GSWA bringing us the quarterly journal, taking awesome photos at each event to share with us all, and helping to sponsor fly-ins. Unfortunately, Chris has had some health issue that is making it more difficult to maintain this pace and run the organization. We (Jim Weems and Mike Chilson) have stepped up to help out and take over the organization relieving Chris of this burden.

While we want to continue to keep Chris’s vision alive and well, we also recognize a lot of changes have occurred to our hobby. This has caused us to think hard about what it will take to move the organization forward and we have come up with some changes we feel will help it survive another 20 years.

the SWA has three goals:
1. Help clubs and individuals host warbird-only r/c events (fly-ins).
2. Bring like-minded folks together and celebrate our passion for warbirds and history.
3. Provide a venue for discussing and flying these incredible radio-controlled flying scale replicas.

In July 2021, Jim Weems passed away from cancer. Our good friend Mike Hipwell has stepped up to help out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact Us page.